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Available Services

Market Research

  • Review client's portfolios and develop plans to enhance their opportunities

  • Identify potential procurement opportunities

  • Identify and review government issued Requests for Information (RFI) and draft solicitations and assist with bid/no bid decisions

  • Review RFI’s and draft solicitations and provide written comments and recommendations for improvement in regards to proposed contract type, pricing schedules, evaluation criteria, Performance Work Statement (PWS), and workload data

Contract Administration

  • Assist in transitioning from contract award to contract administration

  • Assist in resolving contractual issues between the client and government

    • PWS Ambiguities

    • Disputes

  • Assist in ensuring required contract reports and Contract Data Requirements List are submitted appropriately

Pricing Support

  • Assist clients in developing price/cost proposals in response to government solicitations, to include Task Orders

    • Assess fair and reasonable pricing for Firm Fixed Price requirements 

    • Assess cost realism in Cost Reimbursable requirements

    • Ensure cost/price proposals are complete and accurate

  • Assist clients in developing cost proposals for contract modifications

    • Assist clients in developing pre-negotiation positions

    • Assist client in negotiating fair and reasonable prices

Proposal Support

  • Comprehensive review(s) of client's proposals prior to submittal 

  • Develop and construct a proposal in response to the Government's Solicitation. 

    • Ensures proposal is constructed IAW the Solicitation instructions

    • Specifically addresses the evaluation criteria

    • Ensures proposal meets and/or exceeds the PWS requirements

  • Negotiations Support  

    • Responds in writing to government issued discussion items

    • Develop and construct proposal revisions

  • Debriefing and Protest Support​


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